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Friday, 20 January 2017

I fought a hangover with burger and came out victorious

I'm fortunate to live on the most wonderful, longest, busiest roads in North London - Green Lanes - with its plethora of Turkish restaurants (proper Turkish food – none of those 4am kebabs while slurring your words and perspiring neat vodka) and independent coffee shops. I promised myself when I moved here in 2014 that I would take myself on a tour of Green Lanes and eat out once a week in a different restaurant. Well, I failed miserably because I ended up stumbling into this place one evening and I haven’t really wanted to try anywhere else. You may call me a creature of habit. This is also an excellent date spot. If I offer to take you to my Bun and Bar lair it means I really, really like you. And their burgers, obvs.

At the weekend they have eclectic live music in the evening so you can listen, enjoy, drink an array of beers and cocktails while shoveling loads of MEAT and SWEET POTATO FRIES in your face.

Or, you can do what I usually do and drag yourself there with a hefty hangover, order pretty much everything on the menu and afterwards you can roll yourself and your epic food coma home. Sans hangover. Lauren - 1, hangover - 0.

Bun and Bar, you may have severely depleted my bank balance most months, and gifted me with the most epic Meat Sweats Ever, but I love you.

Location: 553 Green Lanes, London N8 0RL
Price: £££ (burger, fries, side and a drink: £18 avg)
Review: 4/5

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