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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Give Me Your Love at Battersea Art Centre

January. Statistically one of the bluest months of the year. The weather is shit, you're STILL hungover from the office Christmas party two months ago and your social life has taken a nosedive because most of your friends are ditching you in favour of the gym/dry January. I'm not bitter, guys. Not at all.

As an 'uplifting' treat, a friend and I decided to beat the bleak January blues and see a play about MDMA and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Now, I'm not a theatre critic and I think this post will prove this. I really enjoyed the play. It was just two guys; one you never see because he's behind a door, and another character, Zack (with PTSD) who you also never see because he's taken refuge inside of a cardboard box (which is a metaphor for his mental state, in case you hadn't figured that one out). The entire play was cleverly executed, especially where we rely so much on facial expressions and body language when we watch performances. I may have also drank too much red wine before the performance -take that, smug Dry January-ers.

The play was shown at Battersea Arts Centre, which is also a really cool venue to grab a bite to eat before any of the excellent shows they host. If you book online, you can get three small plates (we had olives, hummus and pita, BBQ chicken wings, and halloumi salad) with two glasses of wine for £19. Sold. 

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