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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Flow Festival, Helsinki

Finland. Home of the Moomins and a capital city that inspired the name of one of my favourite bands - Architecture in Helsinki. HI, 2006. We ventured there last week for Helsinki's annual (and achingly hip) Flow Festival and I'm already planning next year - it was utterly incredible.
Flow Festival is held in a disused power station, so NO. MUD. No camping. Just bars, world-class food and an eclectic mix of bands and artists from around the globe. And some of the most fashionable people I've ever met - ourselves included, obviously! Cough.


6 things I learned about Helsinki

1. It really is the most expensive city in the world. Expect to pay eight euros for a beer and 4 euros for two avocados. Priorities.
2. There are lots of hills. I nearly died. Fat people and hills do not bode well. 
3. At British festivals I've become accustomed to people with third-degree gurns being sick in the middle of the crowd with cups of piss being flung overhead, but there was none of that nonsense. British people - sort it out you filthy vermin. 
4. Finland has the best water in Europe, FACT.  No, really - it's an actual fact. Drinking tap water is like drinking the tears of angels. 
5. You have to buy alcohol over 6%  in a special supermarket called Alko. 
6. You literally have to spend over £100 to get free delivery on Just Eat. Also, never attempt to order Thai food if you don't speak Finnish. By the time we had translated the menu on Google Translate and decided what we wanted, the restaurant had closed.

See you next year, Helsinki!

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